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NYC is nothing if not unique, and this particularly applies to some of its restaurants. With so many to choose from, some stand out more than others. Here are some of NYC’s most unique restaurants

Every little girl that owns baby dolls will go wild over American Girl Doll Dining. The overwhelming theme of the restaurant, in both decor and food, is pink. Menu choices include salmon shortbreads. And while diners are encouraged to bring their own American Girl Doll with them, if they forget, the restaurant provides them one to dine with.

Taking a page from the European restaurant scene, Opaque Dark Dining is a unique restaurant where diners are forced to rely on senses other than sight. Diners are given their menu in the lit-up lobby so they can choose the dishes they want. They are then seared in a dining room completely devoid of light. The restaurant is run by legally blind and visually impaired servers.

Another restaurant that is almost in darkness is La Caverna. It is well known for happy hour and its lively dance floor. Dangling from the ceiling are stalactites, while the walls are adorned with leather upholstery and paintings of caves. Rounding out the decor is its illuminated waterfall. Booths and tables are nestled into small spaces throughout the room, making it feel and look like a cave. 

Kajitsu is a unique restaurant that embraces Japanese traditions. Shojin is the Japanese ritual that inspired the restaurant’s theme. It is a meal that is prepared without having to harm anything or anyone in order to make it. This means that none of the dishes include fish or meat. Instead, dishes consist of rice, vegetables, and even flowers. Its location directly above a tea shop inspired the restaurant’s use of ceramic teapots and antique furniture and dishes imported from Japan.

For those who prefer an old-fashioned experience, the Les Salonnieres pays homage to the speakeasy. Presented as a supper club, diners knock on the door to gain entry into the restaurant. While diners are enjoying their meal they are treated to poetry readings, watching live painters, and observing pottery classes. 

These are just a few of the restaurants throughout NYC that are the most unique.