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Millions of homeowners use Airbnb successfully. For those with a spare room in their houses, it certainly is tempting. However, it’s not for everyone. Here are some things you need to think about before placing your home on Airbnb.


The benefits

Over 2.5 million homeowners use Airbnb. The site can be very lucrative. There are countless cases of people paying their mortgage off early or making thousands in extra income every month. Compared to a part-time job, there’s a lot less time and work involved. And in contrast to other businesses, there’s little work involved.


The fine print

Unfortunately, there’s a chance you might not be allowed to use Airbnb with your house. You won’t be violating your regular mortgage contract. But you might be violating the policy of your homeowner associations. Many neighborhoods don’t want their area to turn into a hotel with random strangers.

Also, Airbnb is driving up prices of the housing stock in expensive cities, and city hall is striking back. They are requiring licenses and registration to operate. They’re prohibiting non-owners from using Airbnb.

In short, you need to do your due diligence.

Additionally, don’t rely on Airbnb’s $1 million “host protection insurance”. Sometimes it’s hard to get reimbursement. You’ll need to buy more insurance from your current home insurance carrier, which can get expensive.



The vast majority of mortgage providers do not accept Airbnb income for their remortgage refinancing applications. This might mean you’ll be charged a higher rate. You could be classified as an investment property, which could mean a higher down payment and a higher rate. New products are being introduced into the market place though that count AirBnb as income.



The AirBnb unit needs to be cleaned after every use. This is time-consuming and dealing with things like human hair, leftover clothes, and even condoms. If you don’t like doing this, you can contract cleaners to take care of it for you.


Strangers in house

This is a personal preference, but some people do not want strangers in their house. The Airbnb guests could be noisy. Sometimes they’ll come back late at night drunk and make a ruckus. To some extent, you can screen for this on the website.


Airbnb is made out to be free money. However, there are several drawbacks you need to consider.