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When you list a home, you want it to sell fast and for the highest price. Staging a home can help with that. Staging refers to preparing the home for sale in a way that makes it more appealing to buyers. Here are some tips to help you stage your home.

1. Focus on the most important rooms

It’s no secret that kitchens and bathrooms sell a home. This is where a buyer will spend most of their time, so you want them looking spotless. Other rooms to focus on include the living room, master bedroom, and dining room.

2. Clean and remove clutter

A bright and tidy home is more likely to sell than a dark and dusty one. Give the entire home a deep clean, from the bathroom tile grout to the kitchen appliances. Eliminate as much clutter as possible to make the home appear larger, including large, bulky furniture and items that aren’t needed in closets.

3. Make unusable spaces usable

We all have an area or two in our homes that don’t seem to have a definitive purpose. Now is the time to make those spaces more usable. This can be something as simple as adding a breakfast nook to an unused corner of your kitchen, or as in depth as setting up an entertainment area in the basement.

4. Remove personal items

A buyer wants to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, and that’s difficult to do when there are family photographs on every wall. Remove as many of these items as possible and replace them with neutral decor. The home will look cleaner, and it will be easier for the buyer to picture their own items in the living space.

5. Freshen up the home

A fresh coat of paint or new lighting can do wonders to spruce up a home. It’s also an easy and inexpensive upgrade that just about anyone can do.

6. Don’t forget the curb appeal.

Staging isn’t just for the inside of the home. The outside is important, too! New plants, fixing cracks in the driveway, and keeping garbage cans out of sight are all ways to stage the exterior.