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Knowledge is power in any field. That includes real estate. Because this sector is so competitive, the victories go to those who are most well-informed. Remember what the great Louis Pasteur once said: “Chance favors the prepared mind!”

Real estate professionals can access an embarrassment of riches from a wide selection of excellent blogs to discuss the industry in all facets.

 Here are some of the best:


The Spark

Published by AgentFire, this blog is for “serious professionals” focused on their local markets. Readers will find a plethora of actionable strategies that can be applied step-by-step to create killer game plans for striking excellent deals in the real estate market.


Bigger Pockets

This is an excellent blog for newbie real estate professionals. It provides insider tips for breaking into the business along with strategies for ramping up one’s practice on an extremely limited budget. It includes helpful advice on how to better handle personal finances and building lucrative opportunities via real estate investing.



This is for real estate professionals who have a keen interest in digital marketing techniques. Industry observers call Inman the “gold standard” for key insights on property markets, including insightful interviews with some of the most successful people in the business.


Notorious R.O.B.

This blog is the brainchild of Rob Hahn. He is a managing partner with the much-vaunted 7DS Associates. The great thing about Mr. Hahn’s perspective is that it gets at so-called “entrenched truisms” about real estate which often turn out to be not so true after all. Reading this blog can prevent readers from taking wrong turns.


Housing Wire

This is a good blog for those who want a broad, national perspective on the real estate industry. The content goes beyond real estate, per se, to cover financial news that can have a major influence on real estate. Information on real estate tech trends is also covered along with insightful interviews with agents and brokers.


The Real Deal

It’s more than a blog because it provides comprehensive news of a broad nature that informs all aspects of the real estate sector. It tends to cover what’s happening in large, lucrative markets, such as New York City, Chicago, South Florida and Los Angeles.