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If there is one thing New Yorkers always need, it’s coffee. Luckily there are tons of coffee shops to choose from throughout the city, many of which have more than one location. 

In two of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods is Everyman Espresso. Both locations are equally popular, and both boast a retro style that customers love. Popular menu items include the Espresso Old Fashioned, Counter Culture coffee, and even sodas made by hand. 

The Wall Street crowd regularly flock to Bluestone Lane. This chain of coffee shops is modeled after similar shops in Australia, specifically those in Melbourne. The decor is entirely inspired by the Australian city and includes road maps, Australian newspapers, and sports memorabilia. Popular drink menu items include Affogato, Flat White, and food items include Turmeric Sweet Potato Toast, and Salmon Toast/w avocado and a poached egg on top.

New Yorkers also flock to Birch Coffee’s many locations throughout the city. The menu includes a respectable selection of milk options for those who don’t drink dairy, which even includes hemp milk. However, the main attraction of Birch Coffee is its coziness. Seats are made to be comfortable and customers are encouraged to snag a good book from the shop or leave one behind for someone else to take.

One of the best places to get a shot of caffeine and a sugar fix is Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. The most popular drinks this shop offers are cold brew coffee, macchiatos, and cortado. Customers also swear by the shop’s seasonal pumpkin bars. 

Committing to supporting a good cause is something many New Yorkers can get behind, For this reason, Think Cofee is only eclipsed in popularity by Starbucks. The difference is that Think Coffee donates a portion of each customers’ purchases to a good cause. Some of the projects and movements they have supported include helping improve the cleanliness of the drinking water in Nicaragua. It also includes supporting construction projects dedicated to repairing the homes of Colombia residents and enabling those in Ethiopia to maintain proper hygiene. 

Finally, New York’s many freelancers take to Mamam, a coffee shop that includes rustic decor and charming coffee cups that can cheer up any customer. In addition to their coffee, the shop is known for its brunch.